Best Fish Fungus Treatment

So, your fish has a fungal infection, but you’re not sure how to treat it. Don’t worry — we’re here to cover the 5 best medications for fungal infections in fish.

Seachem Paraguard is the overall best fish fungus treatment. But, there are other options as well. Prefer something that’s gentle, safe for invertebrates, or all-natural? We’ve got the best options.

#1 Seachem Paraguard — Best Overall

Seachem Paraguard is effective for fighting a variety of fish diseases. It tackles fungal infections, ectoparasites, bacterial infections, and viral lesions.

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#2 Maracyn Oxy — Safest For All Aquarium Types

Maracyn Oxy is effective against true fungal infections and some bacterial infections. The medication gradually releases a stabilized oxygen-chlorine combination. This treats a wide variety of fish diseases.

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#3 Seachem SulfaPlex — Best For Sensitive Fish

Seachem SulfaPlex is one of the gentlest fungal treatments on the market. It is ideal for stressed and compromised fish.

This medication comes in powder form, and you must dissolve it in water before use. It is effective in treating fungal infections, bacterial infections, and protozoan parasites.

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#4 API Pimafix — Best Natural Product

API Pimafix is an all-natural medication that treats fungal infections and bacterial infections.

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#5 Kordon Methylene Blue — Best General Disease Prevention

Kordon Methylene Blue is effective against superficial fungal infections and some protozoan infections. It is gentle on sensitive fish, but will negatively affect your aquarium.

This medication is more effective in general disease prevention. It can save a fish’s life in the event of nitrite or cyanide poisoning. It converts methemoglobin to hemoglobin to reverse poisoning.

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Can Salt Cure Fungus In Fish?

Using aquarium salt alongside an anti-fungal medication is essential. Aquarium salt treats most wounds and diseases. Besides treating wounds and diseases, it helps your compromised fish to function better. It promotes the production of the slime coat. It also reduces nitrite uptake, reduces osmotic stress, and improves respiration.

If you catch the fungal infection early on, aquarium salt may be all that’s needed to treat the infection. Yet, most times, you’ll need to use a medication alongside the salt. In any case, aquarium salt will help keep your fish alive during treatment. Medications can be very stressful for fish.

Will Fungal Medications Effect Invertebrates?

Does your aquarium contain invertebrates, corals, or plants? Many medications are downright dangerous for these inhabitants and will kill them. Others haven’t had enough testing, so you would be taking a gamble.

There are medications that are safe for these inhabitants, you just have to look for them.

API Pimafix, Seachem SulfaPlex, and Maracyn Oxy are safe for most aquarium inhabitants. It’s best to research medications to ensure they’re safe for each of your pets.

What’s The Best Way To Use Fungal Medications?

Unless the infection has spread across the whole tank, it’s best to remove your infected fish. Keep them in a hospital tank where you can treat them on their own.

Removing the infected fish simply makes your life easier. For example, some medications may negatively affect the biological filter of your aquarium. This can cause an ammonia spike or may alter the pH.

Plus, filter media will remove most medications from the water. If you’re treating an entire aquarium, you must remove the filter media. If treatment goes on for a few weeks, your tank may become dirty.


Seachem Paraguard is the clear winner. It fights a variety of diseases without altering the biological filter. This product treats most fish diseases. This is good since fungal infections are generally secondary conditions.

Marycn Oxy comes in a close second as the safest anti-fungal treatment. Seachem Sulfaplex comes in third as an easy-dose gentle medication.

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