Betta Jumped Out Of Tank! Why? What Are The Solutions?

Would you know what to do if your betta jumped out of its tank? If this happens, you need to act fast to save your little pet. You’ll also need to prevent it from happening again.

Why might a betta jump out of its tank? Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

The answer is “yes”, and we’ll tell you exactly what to do to keep your fish safe.

Can Betta Fish Jump?

Yes, bettas can and will jump, and they’re quite good at it! The average betta can jump as high as two to three inches. In some cases, they may even jump higher than that!

Why Might A Betta Jump Out Of Its Tank?

There are many reasons why your betta might jump out of its tank. So, you’ll have to ask yourself a few questions to determine what caused it.

The Water Temperature Is Too High

Bettas are tropical fish that like warm water. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should make the water temperature too high. Once the water rises above 82°F (27.8°C), it’s going to be dangerous for your fish.

Warmer water speeds up your fish’s metabolism. This causes their energy to drain faster and can actually make them sick.

Worse, if the water temperature is too high, it may cause your fish to try and escape.

The Ammonia, Nitrites, Or Nitrates Are Too High

Poor water parameters are likely to cause your fish to jump out of its tank. Ammonia and nitrites are toxic to fish.

Nitrates are less toxic, but if the levels run too high, they can also make your fish sick.

If you don’t correct these problems, your fish will try to escape the toxic environment by jumping out of its tank.

They Feel Threatened By Another Fish

This one is less common, but it still happens. If your betta has tankmates, it could experience bullying. This is why you should avoid placing fin-nippers or aggressive fish with your betta. They may try to escape the situation by jumping from the tank.

Another scenario is if your betta feels threatened by another betta. Many betta lovers like to buy larger tanks and split them up with dividers. They will place bettas side by side in the tank separated by those dividers.

There is nothing wrong with this as long as you’re using the correct dividers. The bettas should not be able to see each other through the dividers.

Some people make the mistake of getting clear dividers. The bettas can see each other. They will stress themselves out to an unhealthy degree trying to attack each other. As they get more frustrated, they may try to jump across the divider to get to the other betta.

The Tank Is Too Small

Bettas tend to like smaller spaces. Still, they need a tank that is large enough to give them room to swim and stave off boredom.

Bettas should have a tank that is at least five gallons. Anything smaller than that is too small and may cause them to jump out.

Poor Sleep Cycle

Fish need a consistent sleep schedule just like humans. If you don’t provide them with a day-night cycle, they can become restless and frustrated. This may lead to jumping.

Bettas Like To Jump

Sometimes, a betta may jump out of its tank for no other reason than it likes to jump. Bettas are active, playful fish that can jump high for their size.

For example, most bettas will get into a feeding routine after having them for a while. You’re likely to notice that they’ll jump at your finger when you come to feed them.

In fact, bettas love to jump so much that some people even teach them tricks.

How Can You Prevent Your Betta From Jumping Out Of The Tank?

Luckily, it’s easy to prevent your betta from jumping out of its tank. You just need to take the right precautions.

Give Them A Large Enough Tank

To start, give them a tank that is large enough. Some people will tell you that they can live in small bowls, but this simply isn’t true.

To keep your betta happy, you should provide them with at least five gallons of water.

Make Sure The Water Conditions Are Right

The most important thing you can do to prevent jumping is to make sure the water parameters are healthy. Hot temperatures and toxic water are the most common causes of jumping.

Bettas find themselves in a toxic environment that they can’t escape from. So, they desperately jump from their tank.

To keep your betta’s tank healthy, provide them with these conditions:

Use A Lid

This is the second most important thing to do to keep your betta safe. You should always keep a lid on your betta’s tank. This is the most surefire way you can prevent your betta from jumping to their death.

Be cautious about what lid you choose, though. Many lids have feeding holes or holes for the filter or heater. You don’t want to have any holes in your betta’s lid. Bettas can find even the smallest spaces to jump through.

Don’t Have The Water Level Too High

Another mistake that people make is keeping the water level too high in the aquarium. Having a higher water level looks nice, but it can be dangerous for your betta if you don’t have a lid.

To prevent them from jumping, keep the water level two to three inches below the top of the tank.

Use The Correct Lighting

You should never leave an aquarium light on 24/7. Imagine how frustrated you would become if you were subjected to daylight 24/7.

If you must have a light on overnight, choose a blue light. A blue light allows you to still see your fish while providing them with a “bedtime”.

Use Floating Plants As A Deterrent

This isn’t a surefire way to keep your bettas from jumping, but it can help. You can place floating plants in your tank like water lettuce or red root floaters. They will deter your betta from jumping.

What Should You Do If Your Betta Jumped Out Of Its Tank?

Your betta jumping out of its tank is not automatically a death sentence. Generally, bettas can survive outside the tank for about 10 minutes.

If you witness it happen, get them back into the water immediately and watch them for any head trauma.

Use some aquarium salt and API Stress Coat to help your betta heal.

If you find your betta and it’s all dried up, place it back in the water anyway. It may not be too late.

We’ve heard of cases where a completely dried-up betta made a comeback after being placed back in the water.

Bettas have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air. So, they won’t die as quickly outside the tank as other fish.


Bettas are great little jumpers, and that’s why you should always have a lid on your tank. They may jump out of the tank just because they feel like it, but it’s not really that common.

The most common cause of a jumping betta is hot water or poor water parameters. The best thing you can do for your fish is to make sure their environment is safe for them to live.

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