Do Betta Fish Like Caves?

Are you thinking about getting a new betta fish, but aren’t sure how to decorate the tank? Does your existing tank seem too empty? Does your betta seem sad and lethargic, and isn’t exploring much?

If so, you may be wondering, do betta fish like caves?

Betta fish do love caves and decorations in general. They love having places to explore and areas to swim around in. If you do decide to get your betta a cave, there are a few things you should know to make it safe.

Do Betta Fish Like Caves?

Bettas are intelligent and active fish who love to explore. So, they love caves and other decorations that you put in their tank.

Caves in particular are really great because they’re larger in size. A large cave gives your betta many places to explore as well as rest.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a cave for your betta is that it’s safe. The holes in the cave walls should be big enough that your betta can easily fit through. There shouldn’t be any chance that your betta could get stuck.

Also, do not pick a cave with any sharp edges. Bettas have long, flowy fins that are very delicate. Their fins can get caught on things, and they will tear. Always make sure to pick decorations with smooth edges.

What Is The Best Betta Fish Cave?

The Saim Ceramic Jar is one of our favorites because it’s made out of safe, non-toxic materials. There are two large holes that are perfectly round and safe for your betta to swim in and out of.

Besides safety, this decoration adds a nice appeal to your tank. We recommend going for the natural terracotta pot rather than the gray one. It seems that the paint likes to chip off.

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Why Do Bettas Like Places To Hide?

Bettas like to have places to hide because it makes them feel more secure. They are active and social fish, so you’ll usually see them out and about, flitting around the betta tank. Still, if there aren’t enough decorations in the tank, they will become stressed out.

Despite their feisty nature, bettas aren’t great fighters. They’re small, and their long, flowy fins make it difficult for them to avoid predators.

In the wild, bettas face larger predators all the time. They find places to hide amongst the vegetation in their native rice paddies.

Pet bettas don’t generally have to worry about predators. Still, they keep that instinct from their wild cousins. Empty tanks make them feel exposed.

Do Bettas Like Other Decorations?

Yes! Bettas love anything that they can explore and play with.

Zoo Med makes a Floating Betta Log that floats at the top, but the bettas feel secure inside them.

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Another popular option is the artificial betta leaves. You can suction these to the side of your aquarium, and your betta will lay on them to rest.

Do Bettas Like Plants?

Plants are one of the best decorations of all. Live plants are the best because they help keep the water clean. They also oxygenate the water, and they are easy on your betta’s fins.

Betta fish love plants because they make great places to explore and hide in. If you don’t want to buy an artificial betta leaf, you can buy a real plant with large leaves. One of the best plants for this is Anubius.

While live plants are always best, you can go with artificial ones as well. But, you should buy silk plants rather than plastic plants. Plastic plants are not good for bettas. They have rough, sharp edges that can rip your betta’s fins.


Bettas love caves, plants, and other decorations to hide in and explore. Betta fish are intelligent fish who understand things more than we realize. They can get bored with nothing to do.

Decorating their tank with caves, hideaways, and plants offers enrichment. This should keep your betta happy day after day.

Just be careful when choosing decorations. Don’t pick anything sharp as it can damage your betta’s fins.

Happy decorating!

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