How Many Ghost Shrimp Should Be Kept Together?

Have you decided to add ghost shrimp to your tank? Awesome! They’re interesting little critters that you’ll enjoy seeing around your tank.

But, how many ghost shrimp should be kept together? Do they like being alone or in groups? If you only get a couple of shrimp, will it be hard to see them?

Don’t worry. Keep reading, and you’ll discover the best number of ghost shrimp to keep in your aquarium.

Ghost shrimp prefer to live in groups because it makes them feel safer. Ideally, you should keep at least five ghost shrimp in a single aquarium. The more ghost shrimp you have, the happier your pet will be. There is some extra nuance though if you were thinking of keeping ghost shrimp with betta fish or with goldfish so be sure to check out those articles..

Why Should You Keep Several Ghost Shrimp Together?

Every pet has its own preferences and needs. It’s always best to research your new pet before bringing it home. This will save you stress in the long run and will keep your new pet happier.

They Feel Safer

Many aquatic fish feel safer when they live in groups rather than alone. This is generally true for any prey species.

For example, tetras are schooling fish. You should always have at least six tetras together in a tank. If you have less than that, the fish will become stressed and won’t be as happy as they could be.

Keeping several ghost shrimp together simply makes them feel safer. They are a slow-swimming prey species. Being alone makes them feel vulnerable.

How Many Shrimp Should You Keep?

By keeping at least 5-6 ghost shrimp in your aquarium, your shrimp will feel safer. When they feel safer, they will also be healthier and happier.

Besides, it’s easier to see them when you keep them in groups. Their bodies are small and transparent. If you only have one or two, you might lose them easily.

Ghost Shimp Like To Interact With One-Another

Ghost shrimp are also very social animals. It’s common to see them interacting with each other.

Just make sure to keep your ghost shrimp well-fed. They may become aggressive towards each other if there isn’t enough food.

How Many Ghost Shrimp Should You Keep Per Gallon?

What many people seem to forget is that shrimp create a bio-load like fish.

If you’re keeping ghost shrimp by themselves, you should have at least 5 gallons.

You can house 3-4 shrimp per gallon of water. This doesn’t mean that you can house three shrimp in a single-gallon bowl, though. They still need plenty of room to swim around, so 5 gallons is best.

With that said, you can easily keep 15-20 ghost shrimp in a 5-gallon tank. That will surely provide you with a lovely and interesting set-up.

What If You Have A Community Tank?

If you’re keeping ghost shrimp with other tankmates, you’ll need even more space. You can still house 3-4 shrimp per gallon, but you’ll need a tank that is larger overall.

The general rule is to keep an “inch of fish” per gallon.

For example, most tetras reach about 2 inches in length. So, if you have a school of six tetras, you would need 12 gallons. If you want to add six ghost shrimp on top of that, you’ll need an extra 2 gallons. So, in this case, it would be best to have a 15-20 gallon aquarium.

What Else Can You Do To Make Your Ghost Shrimp Feel Safe?

As we said, ghost shrimp feel safest in numbers. The more ghost shrimp you have in the tank, the better.

Still, if you don’t have the right aquarium set-up, no number of tank mates will make them feel safe.

To keep your ghost shrimp healthy and stress-free, give them lots of hiding spots. Rocks and decorations with crevices are essential. Ghost shrimp are bottom-dwellers, so they need hiding spots they can get to easily.

Plants are also great for ghost shrimp. Not only do they provide a great hiding spot, but they provide food as well. Some of the best plants for hiding include water wisteria, anacharis, cabomba, and moss.


Ghost shrimp aren’t technically “schooling” animals. But, they do feel safer in groups and will do best in a group of at least five.

The more ghost shrimp you can keep in your tank, the better.

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